Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

The happiness depends on us

Actually the happiness is ours.

We always try to get more than we have. As much as money or things we get, it
doesnt enough for us. So we always find them to reach the happiness. Money can bring us to the places we want to and give all expensive stuffs also.

im confuse how to describe it.
In love, all things are abstract.
Every single wish they could be met with their mate
Whilst someone who already has their mate sometimes wishing for someone better than their mate or they feel better alone.
Thats why theres a farewell.

We always find someone perfect.
We always find all thing flawless.
We wont never talk to our self.
Are we prefect ?

Dreams are
Wish are allowed
but if we always find the happiness we wont get it.
The happiness cant be searched, it just can be felt.
if we are willing to be grateful for all we get.
But remember ! it
doesnt mean we dont have purpose to our life, it just means "try and enjoy it"

Our impromptu trip "Pantai depok"

December 20th 2011, i spent my time with him at Pantai Depok, Jogjakarta. i dont know why the date is always on 20 but who cares about the date, at the end he is successful catching me out. i can say he is the fabulous man who always tries to prove his love, no matter im careless or what, he always stays :3. Now he become the man who i trust to make my life better. it has been 37 days since 9 december 2011.

Theres a story in our trip. We went to those beach without any preparation,and you know what guys? Honestly i hadn't take a shower yet hehe but i didnt tell him about it. ya you know lah, its so outrageous X_X haha thats why after we just arrived at the beach, i immediately found the bathroom and showered with the soap i bought Rp 1000 wekekek:))

Its not my fault. I was just invited by him :p whereas our first purpose was just for buying ticket at the station but after he saw "Prameks Train" passing his sight, he invited me to have the experience in Jogja. Absolutely i wont refuse it cause i truly loved having experience^^

Finally we went to the Depok Beach by the taxi which was paid Rp 200.000 concluding shuttle. I think its too expensive cause the beach isnt too far from jogja station so maybe you can get the cheaper one.

So guys, make your life isnt ordinary by some unforgettable moments which can be told to your children in the future ^^

Pretty Great Place in Solo "Ngarsopuro"

November 20th 2011, its the man i told you before,on my previous post. it was our first date but we weren't official as couple cause i still doubted to build relationship again.
Oh ya about those picture, it took at Ngarsopuro, Solo. its not the first time i went here but my first impression there as the comer from jakarta, i think its the lovely place in Solo, the light, the atmospher,and all the ornament support there was great, beautiful, and awesome. i love this place cause it seems like jakarta life in the night, remind me with my teenager life and my friends in Jakarta. Hanging out together and doing crazy things together :( hm.

Every satnite, it must be crowed guys cause there are bazaar and also many couples taking the place there. So if youre curios, visit and enjoy it guys :)

im Solo now as the student of Agribussiness in UNS and im proud of it :)

Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

im tired of trying

love isnt simple.
it needs more patience, effort, struggle, concern and etc.
love isnt cheap.
it needs time and money to make him/her happy with us like giving some gift or hangout together.
love is the ordinary word but an extraordinary feeling describe but sometimes we cant differentiate who we want and we love is.

i ever felt backstreet love with the different religion, having the relationship with someone older and younger. and i count it was 5 boys.

the end of backstreet love is you will have broken heart. you probably dodge it but you'll see it later.

the end of having boyfriend which younger than you is you'll be tired of his childish thought.

and the end of having older boyfriend is theres always some trouble which havent expected yet.

but now i just had boyfriend at the same age so i havent now the end of this. i hope it could be the last waiting and finding.

Everyone is alay

We all are fake. We never look at our own selves before judge to someone. sometimes we never aware whats going on and whats we're doing. its a human error.
Nowadays , many people say someone else alay whereas they're also alay actually including me :D . if alays shout someone else alay so whos the real alay here? absolutely none of us want to be called as alay right?

Alay can be determined by style of writting which likes this " aiii qm capa? and u naq mana? " or maybe can be worse than that. Honestly i ever wrote like that when i was in junior high school but now i change my writting style so that my friends dont mock me or call me as alay. it makes me "jaim" initially but im gettin' comfort with it. So its just a process to reach your maturity.

the point of this is " just be yourself" ! Alay actually is someone who try to be someone else ! So just feel your term now and write some experieces there to be told to your descent in the future.

Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

The Reckless experience "De Ranch"

Felt bored at the several days before National Examination,I spent my holiday not to study like my other friends but I went to some peaceful place like at this pict (De Ranch at Lembang). Before I could go to there, I had fun and also reckless journey guys ! cause I went to Bandung alone by train. I didn't have any plan where I would stay at the night but I believe,Allah will always help me find the ways. When I arrived,the first thing that I could do was call my friend who stay in there. But Chitra(right side) haven't arrived at Bandung yet,wow the trouble was coming. She suggested me to stay in her friend,Gita (center side).Then she gave me the address and number of Gita.

To economize my money ,I decided to take Ojek to go there and I shown the address to him. okay,I arrived while Gita was standing outside her family house waiting me . As usual I pretended like knew her for long time ago hehe. It's the methode to become friend sooner .
Alhamdulillah ,her family was very friendly so that I wasn't nervous around them. the day was getting dark. Her family invited me to swim at Water Park ,Bandung and her aunty treated me the fee hehe. She also bought ice cream for me lohh hehe. it's really unexpented! Ih wawww ,Allah is truly in my side 0:)

Then,at the night I,Gita,Chitra,and the other friends of chitra accompanied me to go around Bandung City. Only in the one night,we could conquer PVJ(Paris Van Java) ,Lembang,Dago atas hehe it's the long night ever. oh ya, i haven't took the shower yet lohh hahahaha ^^

The sunrise was coming,but we're still asleep because of the tiring day yesterday. At the 11am,we went to De Ranch .It's really fun guys ! i just need to pay Rp 5000 (tiket+milk) but not conclude riding horse. is it very cheap ,right ?
just try to do some experience like me cause the term that you miss will never can be felt again ^^,

New Fashion (long skirt become dress)

be smart and creative in utilizing your stuffs to be something unusual. when i was in SHS(senior high school) and wanted to take the picture for our year book. I didn't buy any dress like my friends did cause at that time my finance was in trouble and i had no time to buy it . Thus, I decided to open my cupboard to find something that i could wear. And what I got ? A sweet glamour and elegant dress deserved for me ^^ . The comments from my friend when I made this pict as my Display Picture in BBM was funny,they though it's a dress hahahah .for example : my sister in law asked "woww lyyy,,bajunya lucuuuu beli dimanaaa???nitip dong nitippp" or my friends who asked me the similar quetions like those. it made me so much confidence of wearing this although i didn't wear the new one hehe

Minggu, 07 Maret 2010

hot news

see, percaya tidak seorang bocah ynag berhasil menaklukan tuyul yang berada didalam botol tersebut.memang pastinya makhluk gaib pasti ada namun tergantung pada kepercayaan kita masing-masing.ingatlah sebuah dialog antara allah dengan sheitan yang mana sheitan berjanji untuk menggangu manusia.

hot news

semakin terlihat generasi indonesia yang semakin lama semakin rusak.bukan hanya bocah ini saja yang melakukannya tapi masih banyak bocah seusianya yang melakukan hal yang sama.mau kita bangun jadi apa negri ini jika pendiri negri ini yanitu generasi mudanya rusak ? kita hanya mampu berdoa kelak sebuah cahaya menyadarkan generasi muda kita,amien:)