Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

The happiness depends on us

Actually the happiness is ours.

We always try to get more than we have. As much as money or things we get, it
doesnt enough for us. So we always find them to reach the happiness. Money can bring us to the places we want to and give all expensive stuffs also.

im confuse how to describe it.
In love, all things are abstract.
Every single wish they could be met with their mate
Whilst someone who already has their mate sometimes wishing for someone better than their mate or they feel better alone.
Thats why theres a farewell.

We always find someone perfect.
We always find all thing flawless.
We wont never talk to our self.
Are we prefect ?

Dreams are
Wish are allowed
but if we always find the happiness we wont get it.
The happiness cant be searched, it just can be felt.
if we are willing to be grateful for all we get.
But remember ! it
doesnt mean we dont have purpose to our life, it just means "try and enjoy it"

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